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Head of School of Dentistry

Head of School of Dentistry
Shu-Fen Juang


2018, the 30th anniversary of founding of NCKUH. When the Institute of Oral Medicine celebrated the 30th birthday with joy, we also received the permission to found School of Dentistry. So we named the ”New Horizons Speech” of this year as “New Budding Branches ”which meant that we based on the thriving foundation(NCKU) and budded the new branch(Department of Dentistry). In 2019, we opened our arms and welcome the freshmen of the department.

40 years after the latest Department of Dentistry was founded in Taiwan, NCKU founded its Department of Dentistry with its goals in education emphasizing social humanity, interdisciplinary learning, and the professor-to-student ratio. The NCKU Hospital has taken medical humanity as its core since its foundation, emphasizing on examples and percepts. NCKU is a top ranking comprehensive university with close interaction between departments, with the Department of Dentistry working in close partnership with the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the Department of Material Science, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and so on. At the initial stage, the School of Dentistry only enrolled 20 students. Therefore, students and teachers can make good conversations, which is also the value that the Department of Stomatology of NCKU is proud of.

Due to the uneven distribution of medical resources in southern Taiwan and the problem of aging population, local people’s needs for oral medication haven’t been fulfilled for long. Also, since southern Taiwan is the favorite place.